by Dolphins

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released March 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Dolphins Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Compression
porous thinking
always sinking
lazy picking
we’re just clanging along without meaning
I don’t want this
the oxy’s honest
so absonant
and you walk away phrased like a chorus
and I hear
blah blah blah blah blah
I hate you
blah blah blah blah
yeah I sweetly do
you started crying
so exciting
oh yeah you like me
but I’ve been stealing your pills got you relying
radio’s loud
compress that mix down
nut yeah you turn it up now
and I drift from that shit
as I disavow
that I hear
I’m not stupid
you don’t like my music
more than abusive
I know it’s fucked up but I want you
to love it
but you won’t so
Track Name: Anna
you’d like my house a lot
20 acres
you can pee wherever you want
and your turn of the screw
you left it in my room
now I’m gone for the summer
not sure what I’ll do
really doubt that you care
as if you read it at all
zoning off to the boys
on the beach playing ball
you’d like my dad a lot
we’ll go fishing
you can pee right off the dock
if we met when we were kids
you’d have spit in my face
I can’t stop with the jokes
I’ll try to give you a break
and the cafés are closed
and you cut off your hair
and you ask for advice
and you think I don’t care
why can’t you say what
you uncovered
drinking high life under my covers
while I combed you
while I hovered
on your bad breath and some wonder
but I won’t feel I ever felt a thing
keep picking at the scab and never bleed
keep picking at the threads of your stockings
you’d like my friends a lot
they’re very patient
you can pee as long as you want
palestine won’t be fine
with or without your thoughts
just wear the shirt with the wrinkles
the boots alex bought
you’ll signal to the world
and I’ll combust in your flare
my silly love is released
I do not doubt if you care
why can’t you say what
you recovered
smoking hydro under my covers
while I sparked you
while I hovered
on your snoring and some wonder
but I won’t feel I ever felt a thing
keep rubbing on the sores unrelieved
keep rubbing on the threads of your stockings
Track Name: CSO with a Drag Queen
picking the nose of all of your bros yeah
flirting with the nerds
flirting with the nerds ahhh
shaking your butt
I still think you’re lovely
got to make it work
got to make it work out
I watch them roll one up
none of these kids are really tough
with dress shirts and the paint stains
hip stain, hip pain, a stupid stain
I’m trying
not to hurt you
if you want it, oh, I think I got it
scoff like my pops
I want you to notice
you insufflate your friends
insufflate your friends up
narrow life outside of the frat house
drench in the eaves
drench in the eavesdrop
I thought you knew me
I’d put an egg on anything
I’m privy to an evil slut
I’m sure you want to eat me up
I took you to the symphony
your blowski rosins stravinsky
a child
you made me wait in line
clenching your dime
with all my might
Track Name: Mexican Eyes
pad thai as you’re hiding
mexican eyes smiling
thinking with your sneakers
scuff the side streets
I don’t mind you
take you to the movie
make sure you don’t move me
lean against my side
I wonder why
you like the loose things

stinted texting
keep my time awake

blur me
your jacket’s so funny
hurt me
I only want one body
know me
you laugh but I’m not joking
I sleep
how winter wants its way

chicago’s so lonely
warm against my roaming
tickle you with lies
you won’t decide
you like a lied thing
take me to your bedroom
all the things I could do
stare into your glow
I hate the hold, but
I don’t mind you

he waits on skype
it keeps my time awake

swirl the hummus
with a careless carrot
I know
everything you’re scared of
no affection
I’ve not been aware of
my speech is easy
you will not find me

drunk as fuck, I’m trying
to keep the truth from prying
press that pretty scene
your tucked in jeans
I like a lied thing
Track Name: Stay
keep it up
keep going
let those sand clothes go
you’re too slow
got to pick it up, pick it up
swim, girl, swim
keep your feet off the floor
let the current rip in
til I don’t know you don’t, know you don’t
my heart won’t stay
I don’t want to go home
I don’t want to go home
my love makes way
I don’t want to go home
I don’t want to go home
Track Name: Blackstone Ave.
hoodied, young
he showed me the gun
that’s alright
i don’t want to run
i paid what i owed
the police
they don’t need to know
because i felt demand and all the rest
when i was tugged by the deficit
in the purchase and the politic
there was love but no one wanted it
but you could help, quick
i thought of something
and i need out these ghetto jeans
yeah but the book down
im on to something
with a spoon and a ether dream
yeah she was age and
im growing something
by my sis in the limousine
who could calm this
pining hugs
my teachers are old
we got drunk
and then we went home
i was something with some confidence
now i’m conscious and i’m gone again
in the memory and the college
there was love but no one wanted it
Track Name: Adam Got Kicked out of High School
gravitas moss fell in the pool
cul-de-sac breeze, palm trees, and you
please no scandalous sandals is it true?
adam got kicked out of high school
gulfy mist wistful sunny cools
carbonate cracked candy computer
difference language, what’s the use
adam got kicked out of high school
where’s more money at
rell me where it’s at
where’s more money at
uh huh
plato don’t play my video games
aporia pours through all the drains
while the itchy lawn’s sewn in my grass stained pain
adam got kicked out of high school
ran to your mansion, you weren’t there
traffic was jammed up stuck in stare
yeah I died lakeside in the muddy seaweed air
adam got kicked out of high school
(if you don’t move we could just stay here)
((poor, poor momma))
time and a half resigned
I weep for the red wrapped around your eyes
we tossed in the sand soft into the night
rubbing what sun’s left to shine your spine
oh how I knew that you knew too much
sucking the truth out that orange crust
where were your thoughts as the torches died?
washing away as my youth divides
Track Name: Cactus
I brought it up, I don’t mind
wanted to see what I’d find
we’re a lot alike
girl looks better on her bike
I follow close behind
admire the path you choose
the logic was loose and made like a truce
but don’t stop
don’t give me a reason, don’t stop
do not believe me, don’t stop
there isn’t a reason to stop
so do not, no do not
pitaya in your pockets
exchange over our diets
in the bloom of night
summerI’m good to surf your mood
the sense in all that we do
started tanning, looking good
knew we could
but should the burns begin to hurt, no!